Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 7

Wednesday 1st 2009

In the shower I tried to get as much oil out of my hair as I could with soap but it didn't work that well. We signed out of the htoel (thank god) and went to macca's for breaky. I got hotcakes but I didn't eat them all as usual.
Then we went to the port to board the cruise boat, I was a bit worried but once we safely left the dock I was happy. We sat near two young guys, Dom and Anthony and they are on their uni holidays. The baot trip took about one and a half hours. I had Kava on the way there then we took a glass bottom boat to the island, the glass had cracks in it which worried me. When we got to the island our guide saidwe got go and get changed and go snokerling in the ocean or snokerling in the bar! I choose the ocean, I went over to Dom and Anthony, I can't remember which one but one of them said I should be a model not a photographer. I smiled. THen we got our gear and took the glass bottom boat out to the reef. I sat next to Anthony. When I hoped into the water he made sure I was ok. The coral wasn't as bright as I thought it would be but still beautiful. I saw bright blue starfish and nemo. :) When we got back to shore we had a massive lunch. I sat with Anthony and took photos. Also beforelunch I got some great photos of people playing volley ball. I also meet a guy from Poland. After lunch we went snokerling again but it was really rough. Then it was time to had back to the cruise ship, I couldn't believe the day went so quickly. I went on the first trip back to the boat with Dom. It was rough heading back and raining and I didn't have any dry clothes so Anthony was nice enough to share his towel with me. The two guys were so nice we talked the whole we back. We have to take mum's sister's family out for t and the guys said to do to the sheridan because they got a two for one deal on. Also that's where they are staying. We said our goodbyes and hoped to see each other at the sheridan. At Shamilas I checked my photos none of them where there, I cried. But hopefully I can get them back we I go home. I took my camera to the sheridan. I saw the boys, I told them what happen to my camera, they said they'd try and fix it while I had t. T was good except I had sushi which made me feel sick. When I went to see the boys they were able to find 254 photos I was so happy. I got anothony's number and we said we'd all catch up for lunch tomorrow.
After t we went back to shamila's and stayed the night.

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  1. 254 photos? OMG Anna, I can't WAIT to see some. I'm sure you got lots more than that!