Thursday, April 30, 2009

Scott and This Weekend

I can't wait till the weekend. If everything goes to plan we'll have Friday all to our selves. Spending time with Scott argh the joy. I'll cook him t friday or get take-away and maybe go out for t sunday.


Amazing Bug

Argh I'm so tired I have been for ages I haven't been sleeping well.

I said I'd tell you the another story so I will. Yesterday we had this presentation thing and if you wanted you could put up some of your artwork. I put up the Amazing bug picture in display. I looks amazing printed large and mounted. Everyone said they loved it. I was so happy that everyone enjoyed my picture.

But sadly there is a sad end to my story.....

Know one knew what sort of bug it is.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This Weekend's Plan

I'm so tired and it's only mid-week. Scott isn't coming tonight :( But we'll have all this weekend together :) So I can't wait for that. :)
I don't know what we'll do yet. Scott said he wants to get Thomas (Kayla's brother/my cousin)and his girlfriend Kylie around. Scott wants to drink a bit with Tom and Dad. Bit worried. :) I love that Tom and Scott get along so well, they are the same age.
Friday night I would like to have a bit of a movie night with Scott and watch Twilight yet again. I've watched it so much lately. Best movie and book :)
I'm looking forward to spending some time with my love.

Annalisa in Love xxx

Yesterday Dancing


Yesterday I had my first Fijian dancing and I think I'll call it Hulu. It was amazing the hip movements are beautiful, they are truly amazing. I felt so sexy as I moved. I only went for 30minutes I swear I could have done it all night. Our Hulu dance teacher is Tia and I sometimes babysit her 4 little kids. We got to wear long skirts which she brought for us. Argh I loved it, I can't wait to do it in the concert. And we'll get to show our bellys. :)

Tirering day dancing only finished at 8:30



Sorry I didn't write a post yesterday I was very tired and I am still today.


Monday, April 27, 2009

A TV Couple

I don't always think it's true but sometimes I think me and Scott are like Lily and Marshell off 'How i met your mother.'


Morning Cuddle

Hopefully Scott is staying Wednesday night. I'll have dancing for a bit but the rest of the night will be ours. I can't wait. I just so so so so so so hope he comes. He hasn't stayed on a Wednesday for a while and I miss it.
When Scott leaves his curtains open, the mornings are even more beautiful. I got in for a cuddle and as well as Scott warming me up, the morning sun also warms us up. So good and pretty. I love just cuddling it's so relaxing and peaceful.

Anna xx My love for Scott is beautiful.

School in the Cold.

Today is class was a struggle because all I wanted to do was go out and see my beautiful Scott. Recess was good but some how a lolly-pop went missing. At lunch I had a yummy warm pasta but I was feeling sick. We went out and played with the basketball again but I wasn't as active as I usually would be. :(
But I swear I couldn't stop smiling all day which was good. And everyone smiled back.
It was raining on the was home so Scott gave me his jacket.
What a sweetie!
But I felt bad because I was only just giving back his jumper which I'd had to for ages.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weird Shoes

For my art project I'm re designing shoes as you know. And I searched weird shoes on google to get some ideas. And wow there was some weird ones. I thought some on mine wereweird but they are nothing to the ones I found. I thinkI'm going to try and make soon more weirder shoes.

Anna the Weird Maker

My Love For Photography

My love for my photography is huge. IT's my passion. When you get to save a memory in picture form that is truly amazing.
Anna the Photographer

Princess Photo

Here is a photo that I took of Kim for her Debutante. She looked like a princess. So pretty.

Lets Go Out

Scott said he would stay Wednesday night and the whole of next weekend. I can't wait but I just hope he doesn't have to work.
I still don't think we see each other enough.
Scott always talks about when we've got a place together and how good it will be, which I can't wait for but we're not there yet. I still think we should see each other more on the weekends. We need to start seeing each other more on the weekends so we can get use only spending time together on weekends, which will be what we'll be doing next year.
Like last night everyone had there parnters with them or even their best friends but I was sorta on my own. There was people around me but I was missing Scott alot. Everyone loves him; all my family anf friends and even they are always asking where is he when we go out and I'm always having to make excuses and that. When we go out we always end up having a good time but he hasn't been out with me and friends for a while I don't know but maybe he's forgotten how god it is. I just want to go out with him a have a good night.
Scott likes going out for t with just me which I love but I also love going out for t with my friends and family and him. And I get to show him off too but thats not what I'm about I'm just looking to spend some more time together.
I love going out with him and just talking at the table with him it's just perfect. Argh I miss him now. He's at his home and I'm at mine.
My beautiful Scott I love.


Chiness makes Drunks

Last night was great. We went out for chiness it was so good. As the night went on I got pretty tired. But of course everyone wanted to go back to my aunty and uncles place t odrink some more. I felt bad for leaving my friends but I just went to sleep in my little cousins bed. It was a good sleep till they woke me up.
We had to drop this guy off at his place and it was raining and he was just talking to dad with the door open. The cold was slipping in and rain. I was very grumpy but they still continued to talk, quite a few minutes later he went inside and we went home.
I just woke up. How sad, and I'm still tired.

Hamish and Eddie are playing footy today the poor things.

Don't know what I will do today but it wont be much. I'm still in my pj's.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fiji My Family

Wow it's raining like crazy. Really pouring like mad. The water is over flowing the gutter around the roof, massive puddles everywhere. Poor Tania and Craig had to ride their horses back home. They are also coming out for t with us tonight and their daughter sara.

I don't think we'll be having any warm weather for a while but lets hope I'm wrong :)

I was hoping the weather would be good tomorrow so I could go out with Canadain Photographer that I met at camera club. But I guess it'll have to wait for another time. :( I want to go out a take some pictures with him so I can learn some more with my photography before I go to Fiji at the end of June :)
I can't wait. We only go over there every couple of years so I thought it would be good to get some tips from a professional, so I can take the best pictures possible while I'm in Fiji.

I can't wait to see all my cousins again. It's so hard only seeing them every couple of years, I miss out on seeing them grow up.

Last time I went to school for half a day with my aunty as she had to go to parent teacher interviews. The teachers were so mean and rude to their students. I was actually scared and happy to leave after only a couple of hours. But when I go over there next I would like to go to school again for a full day to actually learn and take the classes. I will go to the high school though and with my favourite cousin David. His name is the only english one of all my cousins. I miss him. We are very close, well we are when I ever get to see him. We're always having fun and we're always together. My far away best friend.
I miss my Fiji family so much.

Annalisa....Fijian Australian

Big Family/Friendly Date

Going out for t tonight with family friends I can't wait! I want Scott to come but I don't know if he can get here. I hope he can but yer I guess I'll have to live if he doesn't. We haven't gone out with friends for ages, with the both of us there as an couple. I would like to go with him because seen we haven't done that whole dinner and family friends thing in a while I miss it with out him.

My parents friends are here, they rode their horses here. I got a few pictures. I never really had much to do with horses. I would like to go out on a ride on day alongthe beach. :)


Twilight Love

Please Please if you haven't read Twilight yet please do so. It the most amazing love story I've ever read and I'm reading it again!
When you chose to read make sure you've got nothing on as it will ruin your social life. You'll be stuck reading the Twilight saga until it is finished.

Edward is amazing how he shows his love for Bella. It'd truely beautilful and also the waay he looks after and protects her. Argh I love it!!!!!!!! I want ot be Bella Swan

The movie finally arrived, I got the special disk edition and if you pre-order it you'd get another special disk but I never got it argh I'm so angry. I think I'm going to have to ring Sanity and put my angry voice on.

The movie was really good. OMG Edward is more sexy in the movie than the book. Wow he's amazing. The actor who played him done a great job and I'm sure he could get any girl he wanted right now.
If you haven't seen the movie but read the book, when you watch the movie you'll notice that some of the sences are in a different order. I'm just giving you a heads up. :)


Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun in the Rain with Scott

Funest day with Scott, the whole lunch when we walked around I tried to steal the basketball off him, lets just say I didn't have much luck with that. But I would have done that forever to see him smile and laugh like he did but I got puffed and didn't feel to well. Maybe it was the weather. And he got to grab me a bit which I was good, a few half cuddles at school.....Happy.

I meet him around the back of school at the end of the school day which we do everyday. He gave me and kiss on the cheek and his jumper to wear home it was pouring rain, like crazy. Luckly half way home and friend picked me up and took me home Eddie and his dad John.
And now I'm in my pj's waiting for mum to get home so I can watch Twilight :)
So if there is know more posts tonight that is the reason why.


My Phobia

Well the long talk on the phone that I was wishing for happened but not for long enough.

I have camp in a couple of weeks and we're going canoeing and camping. I love camping but I have this thing with canoeing. IT's my big phobia. I'm fine to hope in one, but once I'm out in the water I start breathing fast and start crying and loss control. Scott still wants me to go on camp but I know I wont be able to handle it. We'll be canoeing for 3 days and I can't canoe for 5 minutes.
By the way Scott works part time, at a canoe place.

He thinks I'll be fine but I know; no. I don't want to hold back my year with my stupid phobia. But I will. So I think it's better if I just don't go. And for that week I'll do work experience somewhere. Which I think will be a good experience.

Scott wants me to do this for him. But this isn't about him this one thing is about me. I would like for him to take me out canoeing before camp to see if I could get use to it. But I don't want to ask him cause he'll just think I'm not scared anymore but the thing is that I feel most safe when I'm with him. And I trust him more than any one so I know he'll keep me safe.

I'm not scared of drowning well I am but it's not about falling out of the canoe, it's that I'm scared of getting pulled away from the other canoes in a current. And never be able t oget back. I'm afraid.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Day

Argh I pre-ordered twilight and it still hasn't come I'm not happy I was meant to get it yesterday. :(

Onto other news I had a great day with Scott. We both ate too much a recess and not enough at lunch. We played a little basketball which was heaps fun. Whenever he went for a shot which was often, he'd say what he was thinking. I was fun to hear it but when I went for a shot he's make me laugh and then I'd stuff up.
We also walked for quite a bit. I love just being there to hear his voice. :)
He's got a great voice.

I think I did pretty good in the science test. It was open book so I should have done pretty well. :)

Yah I got art tomorrow.

Hopefully tonight I'll get to have a nice long talk on the phone with Scott. I miss him. Even though it's only a night till I see him again it feels like forever. 

I think t is ready. Talk soon

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Naughty Scarf

I still can't stop thinking about when I went to Scott's last. It was so so sooooo good. I'm going to tell you another little story that happened while I was there. It's only short.

Wednesday night it wasn't that late. We were just laying is his bed. I was wearing scarf which I don't usually wear.

I said "Can I tie you up?"
Scott said "Oh so thats the reason you wore a scarf today"
I laughed and smiled. Then covered his blue eyes with the scarf and kissed him.

Happy Annalisa


I don't like to say it but it is true I do get alot of what I want. My family is one of the more privileged of my town. Even when I don't get what, I would like I usually get something and it usually turns out to be better.
But I'm not a person to brag about it, I keep it hidden if I can.
It was hard to keep it hidden when I brought my camera because it was to expensive. But I guess my camera isn't that much to: guys having their motorbikes and etc and girls having their dance fees and etc. But the thing is that, I get all three!
In my family we own over 14 motorbikes and over 11 vehicles.

My parents have worked for what they have today. I hope to reach as high as they do with my own family. I want to be able to give my kids what they want.

I think I'm more like my dad in some ways like; I'm talkative and businessy like him. I would love to have my own business one day that is why I'm starting to do more jobs with my photography.

Annalisa is the Powerful

Angry Dance

I've eaten and showered. I had hip hop before is wasn't that great, well actually it was awful. My feet and head were not connecting and I just couldn't get the steps. I almost gave up but I didn't I still did it but with anger and not trying hard enough. I was stressing out big time. I tried to think of Scott to clam me a bit but whenever I started to relax my dance teacher Toni would talk which ended it. She could tell I wasn't happy and she told me to be happy. Like telling me is going to make me happy.
It was just a off class for me. I for the last 45minutes I didn't say more than 10 words which would usually be a huge struggle but I keep it in scared that I would burst and yell. I did say Fuck Off to Toni under my breath a bit.
Sorry. Argh I don't know what was wrong I just couldn't be myself.
I'm warm now and think I'll just go to bed or something I've caused enough stress for one day. Or maybe I'll just keep writing posts.

Anna the angry lion

Pretty Picture

I went for a walk past the creek infront of my place with Chocolate(Now shorten to coco), I found
this well plant :)


Wow what a warm day today was. In class in the morning it was freezing but when me and Scott stepped outside at recess we both said wow at the same time with the heat of the sun's rays hitting us.

Argh Science test tomorrow.
Yah I get 96% on my the maths :)

Scott was only at school for half the day then he went to tafe. I missed him at lunch but it was good to spend some time with friends especially Jess with all that she's going through.

I just got some bad news from a close friend my thoughts are with him and his wife.

Talk soon need to think sorry

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fog on my Sunrise

I took the photo the other week, on a beautiful sunrise with fog. Enjoy. Annalisa xx

Pushing Myself

I just got home from ballet. It was good and tiring. Very sleeply bad I still have to have a shower yet. Listening to Love Story right now. Beautiful song.

Scott wasn't at school today, I texted him about Jess and Pat breaking up. Ever since he's been very lovey dovey, I think he got a bit scared haha. He knows I'm not going to break up with him but he still asked, how funny and of course I said no. I swear he has said I love you in nearly every message since I told him. By the way Pat is Scott's cousin. I'm going to miss saying to Jess that we are cousins too. Ar well. Life has to keep going to but pain never leaves it just becomes less notable.

After ballet we do a fitness thing I'll call it Dance Workout for now. Lets hope it'll help me get rid of all the easter eggs I've eaten. Damn those big chocolate rabbits :)
Sandy the Workout coach pushed me with these things we did on the chair. I was proud because I done them with a straight legs. My knee wasn't too bad but it hurt holding the splits because I'm flat in splits, so I had to hold the leg up so my knee wasn't touching the bruises.
Overall I think I did pretty good. I missed the chats I have with the girls at dancing on the holidays. They are sisters oldest Kellie and youngest Alice.

Well I'm off to have a shower. I might write another post tonight, I'll see how tired I am.

Anna as always xx


I'm sorry if I don't write as many posts. School has started back so I don't have as much time in the day to do my personal things. But I'll try hard to have at least one post a day.


Live Life Large

I'm so happy to be on my two feet again. The two weeks before I saw Scott were a bit scary and unsafe. I was scared I was losing him when only I was away from him. After a while I get to two mixed up. But I'm safe now. I'm tired of worrying and stressing out. Today I've learnt to live my life and not worry because the amazing things in it can be taken away all too easily.
I'm happy happy.

One of my closest friends broke up with her long-ish time boyfriend. She told me over text this morning I burst into tears scared he had hurt someone so close to me. But she had broke up with him after he treats her badly. I'm so proud of her for being so brave and doing it before he could hurt her anymore. As much as he hurt her I still saw the hurt in his eyes and the pain today, you could tell he missed her. But he didn't show it when she dumped him, he just said k.
Hmm what does k mean
-He was too shocked and scared to say anything else
-Was he not worrying about the idea of breaking up.
I don't know. And neither does Jess. She put on a brave face today and was happy. She said it was the right thing to do. If she thinks that way I can't question that, as he hurt her.

This and the bus accident, shows how the world can change to suddendly, that's why you must cherish the moments you have with your loved ones and always be kind and full of no regets.

Annalisa Kidd xx

Monday, April 20, 2009

Love and Friendship

Hey hey,
Me and Scott are in love!

(Just thought I'd tell you that!)

Kim just left my place, it was great to see her and talk to her even if it was througha door.
I can confide to her with anything and she's always willing to listen.
Aw what a great friend she is.

xx Just a short post becuase you need to read a long one.
Look below.

Questions and Answers from Kim

Hello this is Kim (Annalisa's friend), sorry i couldn't reply earlier but I wasn't feeling my best and was on holiday before that. Anyway i'll get started!

-Annalisa and i have been friends since forever i guess. I can't exactly remember when we met but it was definately when were pretty young, so like grade 1 i guess?

-We are not strcitly 'best friends' but we are very close.

-Yes Annalisa has alot of male friends, but none of which would ever be considered romantic material or are too close to her in a friendship way to let it get sexual. Scott is the only one for Annalisa!

-I would say Annalisa is a very good judge of character. She would be the last person i would pick for making friends with a criminal or something of a similar description

-Hmmm well honestly i can say that Anna does sometimes believe the best in people and this can sometimes cloud her judgement in trusting people, yet in saying that those whom she holds closest to her heart are the ones she trusts with her life and they are the most importnat in her life. She cerishes her closest.

-Well Annalisa talks so openly about herself beause lets face it, her life can be so god damn interesting compared to us dull folk. Nevertheless i wouldn't worry that she is confessing too much, she knows her limit and would never make herself too vulnerable (well i hope she wouldn't anyway!). Anna is herself, and that is bubbly and bright so that invlolves her revealing alot of herself to convey this side of her. But i know what you mean, because Anna is so friendly and happy i do worry sometimes that people will take advantage of her good nature. But those who are closest to her will protect her very dearly so i know she will always be safe.

-Do i worry about her getting hurt often? Hmm i'd have to say YES because sometimes i worry that because she is so talented people might use her for this. I worry about my precious Anna alot!

-Oh yes Anna cries so easy! She is the worst! Ah don't ever take her to a sad movie in the cinema without being prepared with tissues!

-Ah well because Anna cries so easily she cries about all the happy moments she shares with her friends, family and Scott.

-The 'bad' things would probably be her fear of change with Scott. Because everything is perfect now as it is i have seen her cry over fretting about Scott leaving school before her as he is older and her not always having his guidance, she really values and appreciates him in her world and doesn't want that to change.

-I would say Anna likes getting attention because she already recieves 24/7. She is such a gorgeous person that everyone loves her, hence the attention.

-Anna would only be a flirt with Scott and only him, i haven't seen her flirt with anyone else.

-Her favourite colour is a constant change, it depends on her mood and her levels of happiness

-Her favourite song is Love Story (of course!)

-Annalisa's favourite food would have to be her mummy's cooking, and i know why. When i've had it i can only describe it in one word - amazing!

-What do i think of Scott? Well i haven't met him enough to be 'best friends' but i have met him enough to know he is sweet, kind, a hard worker and devoted to his princess. He is definantly a keeper and is a family-orientated kind of man, the kind the parents love! He is laidback and easygoing- yet serious at the important times. A good combination. By the way we go to different schools so it sometimes makes it hard to catch up with the lovely couple.

-Ahh this is tricky! I have no idea of the dumbest thing that Annalisa has ever said! She has definately had her blonde moments but sadly i can't seem to recall a particular dumb moment! Sorry! I think this just shows that none of her dumb moments have been particularly notable - hence not incredibly stupid when done.

-Hmm another hard one! Well this isn't the dumbest thing she has done but it is something i guess and it probably won't even seem dumb to anyone else but to me it was. When Anna was 13 (well before Annalisa's boobs had finished developing) she used to wear push-up bras and i thought that at such an early age she shouldn't be trying to push-up her boobs when in only a couple of years she will be content with how they are. I probably sound like such a bitch but i just thought that Anna shouldn't give in to the body image-esque atmosphere that succombs so many of other teenagers. I didn't want Anna to try to change the way she looks or how she felt about herself and i was worried that the bras were a warning sign. But luckly they weren't.

-The funniest thing she has ever said? Ahhhhhhhhhh..... i feel like such a bad friend that i can't even remember a funny thing she said! I can remember dozens of funny moments so i guess that will just have to compensate! About 3 or 4 years ago our maturity levels didn't exist we made home videos with a couple of other friends and i can recall how hilarious it was to watch Annalisa pretend to be a contestant on the biggest loser wearing thousands of belts across her body and complaining about her weight in contrast to the show. :)

-Funniest thing she has ever done would be the answer above as i answered that as both as i stupidly couldn't remember a funny thing she said.

-Annalisa says so many sweet things, she is so gorgeous! She will always tell me i look beautiful when i feel ugly, making me feel special and loved. She sends me the most adorable texts at random for no special reason which is so uplifting and so sweet!

- The sweetest thing she has ever done was probably taking photos of me for my debutante for no cost. I felt bad when she told me how someone had not paid after all the time she had spent editing and i realised just how big of a job it really is. I bought her a pandora charm as she refused to accept my money. Love you for doing that you made me look like a princess!

-The boldest thing she has ever done? Well this isn't the boldest she has ever done but once she wore this sexy skin tight catwoman-like costume to a school social and noone else could have rocked or owned that outift as much as her. I was so proud of her for daring to wearing that, how confident and sassy she is is apart of her character and that costume was her to a tee. In showing how confident she is she won the costume prize!

-The naughtiest? Hmm you'd have to ask Scott about that one haha :).

- Yes Annalisa is totally comfortable with who she is (evident with the answer two above) and i love her for it. In the world we live in we are constantly fed that we are not pretty, skinny or good enough and i admire how Anna blows that off so easily and how i have never seen her once upset about how she looks or if she is good enough. I love the raw power she exudes, as if she is ready to conquer to the world at any given stage.

-Yes she is good at keeping secrets, almost too good i think. There are some things i can never get out of her which i love because i suck at keeping secrets, bloody hopeless! :)

-If she had the chance to do one thing right at this moment? Well funnily enough she just mentioned before hopw she'd love to be a model for a day and get paid to dress up (she absolutely loves getting dressed up!) so i guess that then!

-Well i'd love to go travelling with Anna and she mentions that she would love to go travelling so i guess that would be the thing we would like to do the most! When i'm going to be mega famous and owning television company Anna will come and take photos for me so i'd love to work with her as well :)

-Yes Anna would love to visit Canada - she would love to visit Vancouver. (see how worldy she is! ah i want to be her!)

-ahhh i'm not sure what she thinks of Canadian accents but she loves all accents in general so yes!

-What does she think of Barry? Well Barry you are her motivation! the fact is that you are an almost guardian angel to her, and she really values your friendship. When i read your posts on Annalisa's blog it is easy to understand why she respects you so much. There are so many things i want to put down in words but somehow i just can't find the right ones!

So questions from me!
-How did you come across Annalisa's blog?
-What made you connect to Anna's blog?
-Have you come across any other blogs as particularly notabel as Anna's?

-Do you find it hard talking with Anna as you have that distance of not being able to be face to face?
-If you could critisize Anna, what would it be?
-What do you think her best feature would be? (Emotionally or personality wise or physically)
-How well do you think you know Annalisa?
-Do you feel that Anna expresses herself to easily and shouldn't be telling as much as she should about herself?
-What do you love about Anna the most?
-If you could describe Anna in one word what would it be?
-Do you think you will always continue to read her blog?
-And finally, what do you think of Scott?

Thanks for the questions, i loved doing them it was fun! I look forward to hearing from you soon!
xx :)

Annalisa: Hey I'm back after a long while she even made me leave the room. I just read the answers, I love them hop yous do.

Bus Accident and School

My first day back at school was great!
Seeing my friends, Scott and even good to see the teachers.

There was some bad though a pass student of ours died in a bus accident, he had two younger brothers that go to our school.
The youngest of the three; Billy has autism and is in my year. We got a big talk about how to deal with this tradity and how to support him. Most of the people in my year were crying including me, I could have been on that bus but I wasn't. I went on the bus the morning after. I wore my seatbelt.
My friend Jess was so worried when she heard about the accident, thinking that I might have been on it.
I send my best wishes to Billy's family in their time of need.

I had a good day with Scott, we wrote in a book that is to be given the Billy's family.
It was a nice warm day today and we walked around with a tennis ball. Something so simple so fun :)


Motorbike Fall

This morning I woke up with excitement and also tired eyes, it's the start of term two.
Yesterday I went motorbike riding with some friends. My wheel got stuck in a rut and a tried to get it out, when I should have just rode it out. I ended up falling off, the bike fall on top of me, I was able to get my body out from under it but my ankle was stuck. I had to wait till the rest of them caught up to me. Then Hamish finaly lifted to bike off me. I was it in alot of pain but I'd survive.
This morning when I got up I had the sorest shoulder and knee and my ankle is fine which is weird because it was hurting when I fell off, it must be refered pain or something. 
I had a great time riding bruises and all (there are also heaps of bruises).

Wish me luck for school and being able to walk with out pain :)


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Photo day gone BIG

Another big day for my career. Well huge for me!
I earned over $250 and who said there's a economic crisis. This is great money for me especially for only 4 and half hours of work.
I started around 12. And took photos of everyone and a few family portraits, the more I took the more I could sell and then the more money I could make.
It was pretty easy but I tried to challenge myself with playing with the buttons on my camera.
I gave my friend some money for coming with me and helping me which was good but I don't think she was worth as much as I gave her. I was being too nice, I need to be more business wise.

Talk soon sorry gotta go


Business Cards

This morning with dad I went to pick up my business cards. We had to go early because dads got jobs to do so he says.
There very plain but it says what it needs to. I didn't want to get fancy ones yet because I haven't got business name yet. Ideas anyone? I swear they are all taken.

I can't wait to hand out my my cards it going to feel so good. Happy!

Part 4 Talk and that

Part 4

Scott loves my toes. We were laying on his bed when he swapped sides. He grabbed my feet and played with my toes. It was so cute. He tried to bite my little toe but I think I kicked too hard :)

Thursday afternoon I was feeling a bit sick. Scott was there to look after me. He gave me a massage then when I started to to fall asleep he laid above my pillow and ran his fingers through my hair and keep his hand on the side of my face. Scott is always there to care of me and looks after me whenever I'm unwell.

Throughout my holiday, Scott said nothing but the sweetest things to me, that means alot and makes me feel like I'm the most special person in the world. Also when Scott said sorry about being apart from each other that also meant alot to me as well. I takes alot of courage to say sorry sometimes.

I think I'll leave it as that I have to keep some memories to myself
xx Anna

Part 3 All and All

Thursday night after our hot cross buns we walked slowly hand in hand, kissing every once in a while going towards Scott's room.
After some playing around with the telly I got the DVD going. It was just relaxing, we laid on our backs holding hands and just watched the movie. With a kiss here and there. Scott would randomly lay on top of me to snuggle. We ended falling asleep. Together.

After all the I miss you kisses when I first got there. He nuzzled his face into my neck. It was so warm and comforting. We were there for that long that I think we would have fallen asleep for a bit.

In the morning I didn't get breakfast in bed but I did get breakfast made for me. Orange juice and Jam on toast I know it doesn't seem like that much of an amazing breaky but it was because it came from Scott.


Part 2 Ending

Part 2 The ending

The bus was early at 8:50am so I set my alarm at 6am so we could cuddle for a bit. I left my phone in Scott's room so he could get the alarm instead of me. He ended up turning the alarm off when it went off and fell back asleep, Scott finally woke up at 8 then came and got me sadly it was too late to cuddle.
We got there just into time. He got he goodbye kiss and walked the steps onto the bus. The good bye kiss wasn't as sad because we knew that we'd see each other soon and that we'd always be there with each other. I think this little break we got to re-new our love for each other and it was magical.

On the bus trip while I was doing my makeup to get ready for shopping and I got to think over what a great holiday this was. There was people were around us but for once they didn't matter, it was just us surrounded by only each other. Amazing and magical wrapped in one.

Part 1 Loving

I want to continue to tell you things about the weekend because I still don't think I wrote enough. Instead of having it all in one posts I'll do it in a couple of them. By the it wont be in order just how I remember them.

I think I called my last post something something weekend if I did I'm sorry because it wasn't actually the weekend.

Here it goes...

Thuursday night all of Scott's family had gone to bed and we were all alone once again. We put some left over chocolate hot cross bun in the oven. While we waited he held me in the kitchen, his mum walked in and he keep holding me maybe it was even tighter. She got her coffee and left. He turned me around and kissed my forehead that his special spot as I'm too short to kiss his.
We ended up over cooking the buns but it didn't matter. We went to sit in front of the fire, so warm, we weren't holding each other but we were still together handing hands. And somehow I felt closer than ever.
I got chocolate on my face but he got it off :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Greatest Love and Weekend

Well my little break with Scott is over for now.
I had the best time ever with him I think.
I came home today because I went shopping with mum and Hamish.

His sister, Lucy picked me up from the bus stop and it was a 15minute drive back to Scott's place. Lucy was down for holidays. Me and Lucy have never really got to speak and get to know each other so I thought the drive would have been a good as time as ever to talk.
I kept the talk casual for a couple of minutes then I got serious-ish. I told her that I'd been going out with her brother for alomost two years and I'd never had over 5 minute convo with her and that we hardly know each other. Then I went onto say that I would come up and visit her on the bus. She said this would be good.
To tell you the truth I've always thought she hated me cause I took her brother or something but maybe after all we can become friends.

When I got there Scott said he was going to jump in the shower so I'd have to wait even longer. I tried to read a book to kill time but I couldn't concentrate knowing that he was 10 steps away and naked. But finally he got out, I was waiting for him in his room on his bed. Scott came in with only a towel wrapped around his waist, so sexy. But I controlled myself and waited for him to come to me. And he did. He wore soft trackies and a blue singlet. His body was still wet.
He kissed me with full force but I didn't collapse like I usually would. We just had I missed you kisses, they weren't turn you on kisses, they were just I'm here now kisses. And I loved it. We done this 15minutes none stop until his whiskers started to itch me. :)
While we were kissing he only said two things-
-I love you
-Your beautiful

I love Scott

Then we said sorry to each other for being away from each other and the same moment we both hurt for a second, feeling the pain that we'd been feeling over the past two weeks all at once for being apart. The pain hurt a tear ran down my face he wipped it before it dropped.

We gave each other our presents I got Scott chocolate and a 007 Bond movie poster, he loved it. And I got chocy eggs off him and a couple of bunnies :)

You can imagine the next few hours..... :) Happy

I slept in Scott's bed for a while, he held me so tight. This moment was totally perfect nothing could make it better.

I could have stayed there forever but I knew I couldn't.
While he was holding me I asked "Do you want me to leave?" Meaning go to my room.
Scott said seconds later "Never, never leave Anna"
I smiled and held him back.
Then he asked me to marry him as he usually does when the moment is perfect. I whispered yes in his ear, he kissed me on my forehead and his lips stayed there which could have been forever for all I knew.

The next day flowed the same we never let go of each other. We were so happy like excited happy. Happy, happy, happy.

In the afternoon we went on the shed roof to fix a leak. He didn't want me up there, he didn't want me to get hurt but I came back with you wouldn't let me get hurt.
I climbed onto the tank from a stool then he pulled me onto the roof with one arm so so sexy, strong.

I had my first kiss on a roof with him. With my love. My sunset. And my soft rain.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lyrics of Love Story

Here are the lyrics to one of my most favourite songs.

Love Story by Taylor Swift

We were both young, when I first saw you

I close my eyes and the flashback starts
I’m standing there, on a balcony of summer air

I see the lights, see the party, the ball gowns
I see you make your way through the crowd
You say hello, little did I know…

That you were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles
And my daddy said “stay away from Juliet”
And I was crying on the staircase
Begging you please don’t go…
And I said…

Romeo take me somewhere, we can be alone
I’ll be waiting, all there’s left to do is run
You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess,
It’s a love story, baby, just say yes

So I sneak out to the garden to see you
We keep quiet, because we’re dead if they knew
So close your eyes
Escape this town for a little while
Oh, Ohhh

Cause you were Romeo, I was a scarlet letter,
And my daddy said “stay away from Juliet”
But you were everything to me
I was begging you, please don’t go…
And I said

Romeo take me somewhere, we can be alone
I’ll be waiting, all there’s left to do is run
You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess
It’s a love story, baby, just say yes

Romeo save me, they’re trying to tell me how to feel
This love is difficult, but it’s real
Don’t be afraid, we’ll make it out of this mess
It’s a love story, baby, just say yes
Oh, Ohhh…

I got tired of waiting
Wondering if you were ever coming around
My faith in you was fading
When I met you on the outskirts of town
And I said

Romeo save me, I’ve been feeling so alone
I keep waiting, for you but you never come
Is this in my head, I don’t know what to think
He kneels to the ground and pulled out a ring and said

Marry me Juliet, you’ll never have to be alone
I love you, and that’s all I really know
I talked to your dad-you’ll pick the white dress
It’s a love story, baby just say…yes…
Oh, Ohhh… Oh, Oh, Ohhh…

We were both young when I first saw you.

It's so beautiful xx

Childish Mistake

When I was in primary school there was the plastic bracelets that came in different colours, the blue one was rare, your peers thought you were cool if you had one. I didn't have many and I really wanted some more. These bracelet were the cool things at school everyone had them even the boys. I had so many but I thought I didn't have enough blue ones yet.
Tessa* liked Brad* and she told me about it, I was the only one that knew about it. It was in grade 4 I think or maybe 5 or 3 I can't be sure. She told me to tell know one.
Brad* had a blue bracelet, everyone knew he also liked Tessa*, and he knew that I knew who she liked. I knew this would a good chance to get another blue bracelet. So I told him the Tessa* liked him and he gave me the blue bracelet in return.
I was happy that I'd got another bracelet but I didn't know what the cost would be. I was only young and I had ruined the trust between my good friend. Seen we were only young though we got over things quickly. But I learnt that nothing is worth as much as someones trust for you.
Learn from my mistake to stop it from ever happening from you.

Simply Irresistible

I want to tell you about a time I had with Scott, I think it shows how intense and simply irresistible he is. It was March last year at his place if I can remember rightly. We were on his bed talking and he a comment that I really didn't like so I thought I would stop kissing him for as long as I could. I told him that and he thought of it as a game. I wanted to win just as much as he did.
I keep my lips tightly shut and tried not to breathe in his sexy smell. Of course I had to take I breath some time and of course he was there right to capture my lips but I pulled away just a the right time. I couldn't let him win so soon.
My lips were shut but Scott continued to kiss my hard and try to open my lips with his. His lips felt so so soft on mine I wanted to give in, I knew I would have to eventually but I couldn't not just yet.
He'd caught my bottom lips, he was kissing it and pulling closer and flicking it with his tongue, he's knows everything I love. I let him have my lip while I regained what little strength I had to pull back.
Scott never stopped to trying he kissed all over me always pulling my closer to feel and hold him. 
(Repeat from top to bottom for 10minutes at least) 
And then it was over he had won, he caught me when I was catching my breath. He had snuck his tongue and I felt to warmth and taste I knew then that nothing or know one could ever pull me away from the one I love.
He's my simply irresistible, prince charming.
My one and only.


My love holiday and the kids

At 6:50pm tonight I'm catching the bus to Scott's place :) I can't wait but yet it still feels so far away.
I'm still babysitting Tash and Charlie till after lunch I think. I never knew how much work kids are, they never stop wanting to eat something and do a different activity. It is so much work. But I love teaching them new things. I taught them how to play guitar hero they weren't that great but they were learning. I loved seeing the joy they felt when they passed a song and when they got bonus points. Argh the joys of playing games :)

I'm sorry I wont be able to get internet at Scott's sadly. It's going to kill not being able to have a peek at the comments or to be able to write about my day. But it will just have to wait I think I'll be home Saturday.
I can't wait to write about my stay with Scott. It's been so hard lately with us not seing each other as much but we survived and now we get the reward ;).

The weather it pretty bad today which is unlucky because it has been so warm lately. I couldn't believe it the wind and rain woke me up before the kids did. I was going to take them for another walk today and a scooter ride but I think it will have to wait for another time.

I'm not sure what I'll do at Scott's yet but hopefully if the weather fines up he can take me for a ride on his motorbike. And of course breaky in bed when be good too! :)
I can't wait to eat our easter chocolate in bed with him and watch some comdey's.
Reminder: Pack new movies.

This will be my holiday break with Scott.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My day and My love

Well another day has begin. Quite early I might add.
Babysitting the kids was fun and not so fun. I took them to the park to some chips for lunch and took some pictures of them. The ones of Tash turned out great but I didn't get enough of Charlie.

Scott hasn't stopped texting me saying how much he misses me and how he wishes I was with him. I wish I was with him too.
He getting a bit horny too :) some sexy messages have also been added in through-out the day.

I can't wait to be in Scott's arms tomorrow night. :) At Scotts sleep together but he nevers stays the whole night just in case a we get caught. I miss being around him and laughing around. Tomorrow can't come soon enough. 

I love walking to his door and it opens with no knock and I see his face with a huge smile and he wraps me up in his longarms.
I can never get over his smile or him meeting me at the door it's just so special.

I'm in love      

Monday, April 13, 2009

The List of Me

I know lists will seem boring to some but I love them. I love reading someone's random list and seeing all the things on it that I would never think of then asking them why it's on the list, when they answer back you get to listen to a part of someones life story I love it!
I'm going to write a list every now and then and hopefully as well as saying my story I will also get to hear someone elses.

So here it goes my first list:

List: 10 Of my favourite things to do in the Morning
(in a random order)

-Wake up next to my boyfriend and be able to tell him I love him
-Be able to watch the sunrise
-To figure out what to wear and what to do with my hair and makeup
-To wake up with messages from Scott talking about his love
-To be able to take pictures of the morning frost on a red rose
-Drink a hot chocoate and while listening to my favourite songs on V
-See the light of another day
-To wake up scared then to realise I'm in the arms of someone I love
-Jump out of bed knowing that I get to spend the day smiling
-Laying in bed for too long not worrying about the world around me


Blogging it Cause...

I started out this blog I Feb because I wanted a place to say my thoughts out loud and be able to hear I reply with hopefully some advice and praise. Which gladly I have been able to get in this past month. You can't believe the joy and happiness I feel when I recieve a comment, my day will forever go on as happy. I love comments that are questioning and really make me think.
I think the comments have helped me because it makes me realise who I am and also makes me say how my words are seen as.

My blog helps me relax becuase I'm able to say what I want and how I feel. How I feel yes I repeated it again and put it in bold because I feel it is an important part of my blog. When I say how I feel I'm letting you into my life. When I let you into to mylife I hope you stay there to witness it and become apart of it. I'm a people person well that's what it says on my resume and I want to be around people even if it's through one comment or hopefully more.

I wouldn't like to call my blog my passion because it is and I don't want to lie. But it is now apart of who I am and how I live my life. I try to write in my blog every day not because I'm obessed but because I want to and because it my way of dealing with the things that are happening in my life even if they aren't that great. I want to be able to shout well type in capital letters and bold to tell people that I'm angry or happy or really proud for myself. Here right now sitting in bed covered in blankets is where I can be truly truthful, truly be me and only me. 

Also sorry if some days I don't write I usually have a good reason.

My motivation: I thank you to become apart of my world and journey through life.

To any new comers who want to help motivate me through life and watch me live, here are some tips/steps:

-I would probably advice you to read all my posts which may take a while bit it will help you get to know me better
-Always always always leave me comments when you have something to say even if its only short
-I'm not a very loudly out-spoken person but I do add some of my louder opinions in here and there so please don't be offened, just ask why I think that way (through a comment) I'll always listen a be polit
-I'm a very bad speller and I know I don't read over my posts as well as I should. Sorry about my mistakes but I'm woking on it
-Add me to your followers list whether you liked the blog or not and say I'm on a trial for a month to yourself :) If you like me keep me and follow me but if you don't like me no hurt feelings
-By the way I don't like to call my followers; followers so I call you my motivation instead
-Leave me comments :)

xoxo Annalisa Kidd  

The Struggle of Time

I live with my parents and I think they're great.
But my mum can be a bit annoying like she's always telling me what to do and is always nagging and repeating herself.
And dad can be a bit over the top, he has his ways of being annoying too.
Scott loves my parents but lately me and Scott haven't been able to relax at home because they are always around and telling us what to do. Also my family is very social so we're always going out every weekend pretty much so we don't get much time at home to relax together alone. It's been having a big impact on our relationship lately. When we as a couple can't relax we get stressed out and bite each others head off. Scott has also been avoiding coming to my place and asking me going to his place instead. I guess I can live with that but lately I've been doing alot of photography work and he works on weekends too sometimes, so it has been hard to find time to see each other.
Scott lives half a hour away from me and we both can't drive yet so it makes it a constant struggle to see each other. It's like a long distance relationship and we can't handle that yet. We need to see each other more. But with my parents its hard because he doesn't want to be around them and dad thinks I shouldn't be going to his place so much because Scott should me chasing me around more which I think is a little true but yer Scott doesn't want to come here so often.
We need to find more time to see each other and this next week would be good as long as my dad will let me and hopefully Scott can come here.

XX Anna

Day to Day Easter

I've had my little Easter break and now I'm back home. It was great to have some time with the whole family but it was almost too much :)
On the Friday we packed up all my junk and went to our holiday house and got their late afternoon. We meet Uncle Ryan's girlfriend's (Lydia) kids they are Tyler 19 and Bridget 17. I love lydia she's so nice and fun. Tyler is nice but he was a bit weird like with what he wore and stuff but I shouldn't judge. Bridget was very nice too but now I guess I'm not the oldest cousin. I felt like I got left out a bit with her there. I was pretty upset.
Saturday we went to the nearest large town the Mount we just had to do a bit food shopping. When we got back we went motorbike riding. Bridget couldn't ride and she fell on her bum. Everyone was calling her motorbike girl and stuff. And I was the best girl rider there and yet I got nothing. I couldn't believe I was getting jealous. I'm just so use to my family being the way it usually is and it is weird when a new family gets involved.
Sunday I woke up late and ate melted chocolate for breaky so good. We went down to the beach and played some cricket and did some body surfing. I love the beach and body surfing. I waves were so great the I could body surf straight into shore. :)
After that we went skiing but we had to use Pa's boat because dad's boat and jet ski wouldn't work :( We went to the mount again the parents went out for t while the kids went to macca's then to the movies. I had to babysit the little cousins with Kayla at their movie. It was Monsters and Aliens so I had to watch it again.
Today I woke up late and packed up.
I have to look after my two little cousins today and tomorrow so now sadly I don't know when I'll get to see Scott

Friday, April 10, 2009

Waiting for Easter

We still haven't left yet. Mum is still stressing out that she hasn't enough food and clothes. And dad is fixing the boat. Hope it gets going and also dad brought an old jet ski can't wait to use it. :)
I'm tired already and I think I'm getting a cold, not a good sign. :(
I'm sick of having a runny nose.
I really hope this Easter will be good. And that I wont worry too much. I just want to have a chill out holiday. Than next week see Scott.


Morning Drink

It's the morning almost 9am. Sitting on the couch drinking a hot chocolate, thinking over in my head what I can't forget to pack.
It a cold morning in the south of oz today. Lets all hope it gets warmer.

Have a good weekend world and stay happy.

XX Annalisa

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Knowing me from someone else

I was thinking about my blog and myself today. I don't know if anyone would like this or not but.

I love writing into my blog everyday and reading the comments. I know you know alot about me already from what I have told you, but I thought maybe I could let you comment on this post asking me questions about myself but my good friend Kim would answer them. She would say what she thinks about me and answer them for me so you can get an idea about what the people who are around me think of me and you can also learn what my friends are like.
It's just an idea though. If you like it, leave my questions while I'm on my easter break then I will get Kim to answer them and I will post the answers.
It is up to everyone out there whether this goes ahead or not.

Example of questions
-Am i a good friend?
-What do you think of Scott?
-Do i cry easily? (I know that answer)
If you like any of these questions add them to the comments.
I love love to get like 30 questions or even more but I know that is alot to ask.

Kim is in my post the ones tht care for me. If you want to read that.
I would also like to know what she says too! :)

Tell me what you think

P.S: I might be able to do some posts in the morning if I have time. And I'd love to come home with many many comments hint* hint *

The Hopeful Break

I'm so tired I feel drained. I on holidays and I feel worse than I do when I'm and school. I haven't seen Scott in over a week. I miss him. And sadly I don't get to see him this easter weekend :(
But we're going to have our own little easter day together next week. With lots of eggs.
My family is having a big holiday bash with the whole family. Scary. But fun.
I'm sorry if I don't write any posts I'll be busy sun bathing in my bikini with sun cream of course :)
But don't worry I'll be thinking of you all and thinking up new posts.
I may surprise you all with a post but I also may not so just relax and have a good weekend.
We're going to my Nanna and Pa's holiday house which is next to the pub :) and a 30second walk to the river :) and 5minutes drive to the beach. Argh the worries of choosing where to go :)
I'll all happy now because I know I'll be kept busy and be able to forget about all my worries for the next couple of days. I'm not sure when I'm coming home yet it will be Monday at the earliest.
I know I wont be able to but I want to get a good night sleep and sleep in while I'm on my Easter break but I know that wont happen with my little cousins running around in the early, early mornings :(
Hey I'm to oldest girl cousin too!
I love to melt all the chocolate that I get and eat it with a spoon. Lets hope I don't get fat and add on 10kilos.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Breathe Out Your Passion

In my Studio Art class we have to do a drawing of a nude that reflects on our year long subject, the area of the world that I am focusing on; is shoes and pop art. I would like to put shoes into my nude but I will make my piece real rather than pop art. I want to capture what a women feels when wearing a pair of high heel shoes.

I'll have a woman lying on her back with an arched back like she's breathing out with a pair of shoes on her chest. It will be cropped off just past her lips and just lower the her bottom.
By the way her neck and head will be hanging offf the table. With soft hair hanging down.

"Art comes from a deep inner sense of direction. It starts with a re-evaluation of your own life, from a search for the source of the impulses and the mystery of it all. I think of myself as emotional realist. Emotion is what I want to portray. Realism is my way of doing it."

I want to show a real woman, her emotion, her love for fashion and passion.

Thank you Barry for getting me onto the artist. Your an inspiration in yourself.

My Love Story

I'm in love with the song Love Story by Taylor Swift.
It has special meaning to me.
Let me explain about everything of the song that is like my life with Scott.
The first time me and Scott saw each other than school was on the outskirts of town he lived near we both snuck out to see each other. It was like it was meant to be, we were outside late at night he held me around the waist, I got up on the tippy toes (he's very tall) tilted my head up he pulled me closer making me wobble a bit. He looked down into my eyes thats when I noticed to blue of bluest of eyes. I knew he was special. The kiss. The kiss his soft lips on mine, hand moving up towards my neck pulling me even closer. His tongue swiftly moved around my mouth then rough and it was over my fisrt kiss with Scott D'Arcy. We slowly walked back to my friend's dad's party knowing we'd been caught out. He stopped me half way back and asked for a good bye kiss. I resurred him that he'd be getting many more kisses. The last kiss was longer and even more senseful. We slowly walked with his hand on my lower back rubbed it up and down to warm me up. Aww I love him.
We're young, we fell in love young, and meet even younger. When we're together we're always young and fun. As time goes on we will get wrinkles and grey hair but our hearts will forever be young and in love.
Every night before I go to sleep I think of a special or happy moment of me and Scott which there are many to an easy night of sleep :) I makes me happy to think of all the times we've had together. My very special flash backs.
Marry me Juliet. Scott always asks to marry me, I always say yes. But we're waiting till we're older to get married though. I hope he gets down on one knee. When he jokes around and does it he gets down on one knee so that a plus.
I wish we could be alone at home and elsewhere more often. A place where Scott could take me where we can be alone just us. We really need to be alone more for us to grow closer.
Cliche but he's my prince and I'm his princess.
We had have to 21st century love story full of moblie phones and fast cars and love and adventure and us.
He's everything I need.

I also love the song; Jai ho! (You are my destiny) By Ar Rahman and the Pussycat Dolls.

Help on understanding me!

With being worried about the future has changed me when I'm around Scott. I don't mean to do it though, its just I worry and stress. I've always been a person who stresses out easily.
Lately I've I been acting not as fun loving a less happy around him. Scott isn't making me unhappy, I'm making myself unhappy when I'm around him, because I'm scared of missing out on doing things that a normal couple would do which we can't when he leaves school at the end of the year.
(Normal couple is being at the same stage of life I think).
I know it is stupid to worry about what other people do, so I'm going to try and do that heaps less. And I also think not being at the same stages of our lives together makes it more of adventure. By saying that the only thing we aren't at the same stage is that he finishes school earlier than me, the rest we are at the same with. Eg. What we want in the future for us is the same.
I know we wont be able to do some of the things that other couples will be able to do but we'll do everything that we can.
Scott and I have both said that we will both stay together at the end of the year but I still worry, like it's in my nature to worry. I think I just have to trust that everything will work out. Me and Scott bounce off each other if I'm unhappy he'll be too. I don't want us be be stressed out and unhappy.
Hear me say it now I will relax to the hardest and just be happy "just be."
Scott makes me the happiest person alive and everyone knows that including me. I just have to learn how to relax and not stress. You have a live to live it right? So I'm going to live it.
When I see Scott next I'm going to be more fun loving for me and him. I'm sick of being unhappy with myself it's hurting me alot. I'm hurting myself because I'm scared of hurting myself in the future which is stupid I need trust myself more and trust my thoughts. Deep down I know everything will be ok with me and Scott at the end of the year. I don't want to be negative I want to show I'm happy. Because I am happy inside but lately I haven'y being showing it that well on the outside. I need to know how. But it's weird because I'm a crazy smily person but my happy body language hasn't been that good lately.
I want to stay young with Scott forver but we're both getting older and growing together which I love. I want to keep on doing so throughout the years to come with Scott. I'm a sort of person who loves adventure but also wants to feel safe and have sercurity at the same time. Some people might find that boring or not exciting. But my safety zone is with Scott and I love having adventures with him.
Please please can people comment on this I need to know what you think.
I love Scott D'Arcy

Talk soon

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The outside of my skin

Hello to all my people of motivation.
I was just thinking know one knows what I look like so I'm going to try and explain.
I'm very short only 160cm I think. I have tan/olive/brown skin with brown eyes and brunette hair with a fringe and layered hair below the shoulders.
I my body is small except for my boobs I think :)
I love my shoulders and the space below my neck I think its sexy so does Scott.
I have very small toes nails and Scott is obessed with my little toes.
My tummy is flat most of the time. And I don't like my arms.
I think my eyes are beautiful as the white of them stand out in contrast to my skin and my lips are the best size just a little big. Marcara and my eye lash curler are my favourtie tools for making my eyes stand out.
Overall I think my body isn't the best but I do like it. It's mine I have to.
Any question feel free to ask :)

Got money for lunch?

I'm here in my Uncle's town and his place.
Today I am meant to be going out for a lovely lunch and my friend Jayde at my favourite restaurant but she doesn't want to go there because she thinks it is too expensive. I know it's more expensive than your average bowl of chips but it has a great meal and I do think you get your moneys worth.
But well I can't really argue with asking to spend more money so I guess she'll be picking the restraurant today.
I don't mean to rich I'm rich or anything but sometimes it sucks having a bit more money than other people especially when you can't spend it.
I hope where ever she picks makes a good strawberry milkshake :)
In conclusion I'm a hungry little girl who likes her yummy food :) Luckly the food doesn't stick to my tummy (very often)


Talk soon

Monday, April 6, 2009

Normal Friends

Today I went to help my dad at his shop.
He had a new worker and he said I had to go with him to print off some photos at a town 1 hour away. I was a bit worried because I don't like all of dad's employees. But this guy was really nice his name was Luke. We talked to whole drive up and back.
It was great to talk to guy who just wanted to talk and didn't try to flirt with me. He was just a good genuine guy. We talked about our old relationships to old people. It was so much fun that I didn't want the car to stop moving.
I made a new friend.
In today's society its all about having sex. But it's great to meet someone who in my words are normal, all they want is good friends.
What a great day.


The ones that care for me

Sunday I went to the footy. Me and Kim were sitting in the car. I had my photography note book out (that I write ideas in). Kim took it off me and wrote two beautiful letters

Letter 1

Dear Annalisa

I love you

You are simply wondeful, don't ever change because I love your gorgeous, bubbly personality just as it is!

No matter want anyone says, you always will be successful in anything you do. I will always be proud of you, even if you are a stripper I will admire your confidence and beauty :)

So when you get all famous and are taking photos of an insane royal wedding I hope you will talk to me so I can tell you how much

I love you

Love Kim X

Letter 2

Annalina Jane,

You are the light of my life, without your golden spirit guiding me how am I supposed to survive?

If you ever feel odwn or that someone has knocked you back just see it as apart of the moments you can capatilise on and use it to your advantage.

I have no doubt in saying that whatever you do you will be amazing.

Yesterday is history, tomorow is a mystery, today is a gift, don't ever watse it!

Well I am totally running out of things to write I feel like I am just repeating myself!

But you are one of a kind, a D-flawless Diamond and I LOVE YOU!

Love Kim X

I love that she took the time to write such a beautiful letter, I love my groups of friends they are great, caring and would do anything for me.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Where has my sun gone?


It already feels like its Winter. :(
I miss Summer.

But don't get me wrong Winter has its plus' like cozing up on the couch drinking hot chocolate and sitting in front of the fire warming up my toes.
But it's just so depressing it just pours down rain, I wish it would snow for some excitement but I know thats not going to happen too fast.

I want to be able to go for walks and rides and be able to walk outside without putting a jumper on.

I just want it warm.


A big day!

Wow I also forgot to tell you Saturday morning our small little town had our first market in many years. I thought I would set up my own stall to get my name out there. I knew I wouldn't sell my photos there but I was hoping to get some job offers to do some portraits or something.
It was freezing cold and of course I forgot to bring a jumper.
I only had a small table but it just fitted all my photos on it.
I had 6 photos for sale and my photograghy portfolio there so show off my work, and show what I can do.
I didn't end up selling any of my photos. But that was ok.
Here is what I got instead:
-Scott's cousin was there she (Louise) said that I could some work experience and at newspaper she worked at and she said she could get me into another newspaper place. I was so happy and she also said she could drive me up and back every day.
-I also got a 90th birthday to do on the 18th of April. (Don't let me forget).
-I got about 4 family portriats to do.
-Two local restaurants want to put my photos up to sell.
-A local Arts Company said I can sell my work there. And they said they'll get less commission because I'm in the camera club. (By the way did I tell you I joined the camera club anyways I had my first meeting last month and my next on Tuesday).
-And alot of people took my number. I really need to get business cards and soon.

I can't believe how many jobs offers I got I'm so happy and proud of myself. I wasn't even going to end up going. Luckly I did though. I just hope that all the jobs work out.

Happy Day...... XX

Success in my Words

"All of us are born for a reason, but all of us don't discover why. Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It's what you do for others."
Danny Thomas

Continuing on from my last success speech.
I'm very half and half with this quote. I believe that what I accomplish for me is success. As I want to prove to myself what I can do and reach my goals and bet the challenges.
But I also believe that succcess has to do with what you do for others. With my photos I want to show people that they are beautiful and I want to make them smile even cry. Everyone is unique but you are stunning. It may not seem like much of a success but I think that making someone happy is the greatest success of all.
I also want to show off my work and make people proud of me.

I'm going to discover my reason.

Monsters vs Aliens The Laugh

Last night I went to the movies with a few of my friends.
I saw monsters vs Aliens. Pg. Animated.
The movie is aimed at kids but we went and saw in anyway. Also the tickets were cheaper.
I was a great movie about being your self and sticking by your friends. I love watching kid movies you don't have to stress out about the characters with hard lives because they are all fun loving. The character I loved most would have to be Bob who was a brainless blue blob. He was the best because he was just him and the gave the crowd the most laughs. :)
I'm sure going to get it on DVD.
And I ate too many lollies.


Friday, April 3, 2009

My Happy

He makes me smile so hard my cheeks get sore. :)
I always say laughter is the world's best medicine. I'm happy truly happy. And the stress from yesterday is gone. Well for now anyway.
Scott was so bubbly and what seemed very excited, it reflected onto me. He made the funniest jokes. I think the rest of people at lunch must have thought I was a mad to be laughing so much, and I might add so loud.
But I didn't care I was in my happy place. My Scott. My drug.
With the whole stress of yeterday I thought today would have been a nightmare. I was walking around with Scott and I was acting like a fool. He said "Don't be stupid your in a serious relationship now". I was angry at first until I looked at his face and I knew he was just trying to get on my nerve about yesterday. In the end I smiled once again.
He understands how I get and I'm so glad he can make it all better.
Being in love is the world's greatest gift.
Next comes the wedding ring? Haha soon I wish.
And then big plans.

Wait I'm getting ahead of myself. Just live it. And live it loud. (With laughs)
It is so hard not to get ahead of myself sometimes though we're so in love right now.
I love it when people say that we're going to turn into the old married couple.
I can't wait.
But I will.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

My photography so far

I can't believe how far I have come with my photography over the last 7 months. Last weekend I done my first wedding and debs photos. I'm very happy with how the pictures turned out.
I hope I can keep coming up with jobs like these, but it's only the start and there's more of Annalisa Photography to come.
Please tell me if you can think of any names for my photography business as I haven't thought of any yet.
"I believe I capture the moment and treasure the memory. Photography is my second love and second nature" Annalisa Kidd :)

Aim past the sky and reach the moon.

Thank you my Motivation

Thank you for everyone who reads my blog.

Thank you to my followers but I hate to call you that it sounds like I'm a weird leader ???
So I will call you my motivation. Because of you a collect my thoughts and wrap up my life, to share with you. I love having the freedom on my blog; I get write what I want and not be put down. I love being able to share my life with some great people.
So thank you again.

Please please leave me comments on as many of my posts as you can i love reading what you think of them.

Thank You so much you have know idea what this means to me, you reading my posts.

Strength from Love

I'm scared time is running out. Tomorrow will be the end of term one. Three to go until another year has ended. It's all going so fast, so quick. Half of the days are a blur only filled with my thoughts and inside jokes.
Today at lunch that I spent it with Scott of course but something wasn't right. Even Jess could tell that when I saw her in the toilets. I felt bad for Scott because he could tell I wasn't happy and I know he wanted to have fun with me with probably the last hot day we'd get in a while.
But I couldn't shake to scared and worried side off me, I felt like I was stuck in some unknown parellel world.
And I knew why I was scared. The future had come to scare me again.
For the rest for lunch I put on a happy face. I was almost happy to leave Scott to go to class. Yes I said almost not totally.
I'm scared time is running out this past week went so quick and I'm hardly going to see Scott over the two week break. (Because he has to work and look after his mum's farm for a week). I'm scared we're going to not have enough time together before the end of the year. Before he starts his life in the real world with me on the side.
I know we're going to be together forever now we're get that. And we love knowing it.
But I just want more time at school with him.
I know we're going to have to face the real world some time but I'm scared I'm not ready yet.
Scott helps gives me strength and he's excited to bring us to the real world he's already planning holidays. I want strength from him to help me get through the hard times.
I'm so scared but I'm also positive as usual. I just want to know whats going to happen and for more time.
I hope I'm making sense to everyone out there.