Monday, July 27, 2009


Ok i have a bit of a confession I've lost my diary that I took to Fiji :(

I think I left it at my uncles. Also left my shoes at work experience, have to get them.

I'm so sorry guys I haven't blogged for too long. Let me just say Fiji was amazing, beautiful and I didn't want to leave. I cried way to much at the airport.

My weekend had its good and bad parts. I'll start at Friday.....

Finished work Friday was awful I gave May my hug and I walked out I didn't want to leave it all just yet but I hope to be back in a couple of years time. I learnt so much from Jason and May the two photographers at the local paper. I'm so glad I went there, almost didn't. There was so much new imformation that I didn't know where to put it so I put it in a book.

Tip from May: "In low light photography use a faster f. stop like 2.8 or lower if possible.
Tip from Jason: "In sport photography predict what will happen"

I want to go take photos now well I'm going to in about 15minutes.

Friday night I got a male friend over to watch movies but he took it to far i said stop but he wouldn't and yer I don't know what to do I need counselling or something I'm so shaky and nervous. Being around Scott today was good I felt safe in his bubble went when I was out of it I'm different feel good on the inside. I haven't told him what he guy did to me because he'll kill him and he knows the guy and already hates him. I can't take it to the cops. But I told the guy I will if it happens again. Shit weekend. This thing shouldn't happen to me. I told one friend but it isn't enough help.

Saturday our exchange student came back for a very long visit staying for a year. Ek!

Annalisa the hurt

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