Sunday, February 22, 2009

Days to Day

Sorry i have not blogged in a while i'm a very busy girl.
Last weekend it was Scott's birthday and also Valentines Day. I only got him a couple of little things but it was what he wanted and he loved it. I also brought him some socks and hid them in his cupboard. Next him i saw him he was wearing i couldn't stop smiling. Argh the simple pleasure of making someone happy. You know it doesn't take much to make someones day and when you do your full of bliss and a glow.
Saturday was so great he cooked me a beautiful aussie meal. Steak and veggies. He put this sauce on the steack which was to die for so yummy. And in the morning we had a big breaky. Bacon, Eggs the works.
Then was just cuddled in bed watching movies. Best night in ever!
In love more than ever.

Now to today a week later. A week wiser?
Hmm i wish i was, i'm trying to be healthy i really am but sometimes i just forget. Last Friday it was a bit of a cool day so a got a warm Fatty lunch. Big no no. I even brought lunch to school that day to but i also brought money. Note to brain must not bring money to school. Wait cancel that i do sometimes buy lunch for Scott that's what i think stuffs me up a bit.
I love my body but i just got to get healthier.

I've started reading a new book today. Someone like you. It's great already 200 pages in. I know sad. But today i wanted a day to myself no chores just relaxing.
Now i'm going to go and have a naked bath and read.

Caio Annalisa

Also big news i have just started selling the photos. Happy. Please contact me if you wish to buy some of my work.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What lies ahead?

Today i went swimming a swam almost 1km but of course i told everyone i did swim a 1km. I enjoy swimming because you don't think about anything else but swimming. Improved my breaststoke today :) and its my favourite stoke too. I hope to keep improving.
I had ballet, first class of the year. Toni my teacher was nice but it was only because i rang her a week before saying i wanted to be treated better but sadly i know she's going to go back to her usual mean self in a few weeks times.
I scared about the end of this year its going to be a step up in my studies and also there's going to be a big change to me and Scott. And i don't know what we are going to do. But more about that later.
Talk soon x x


Monday. I was a very tired one getting up. Worst night sleep ever. But my day ended up good i had art and we started to study two artists. Alec had to go on camp a sort of thing for his unit of work i missed not being able to have luch with him and for him to help me get through the day.
My friend Jess stayed the night cause we had to watch a movie on art. It was good to catch up i probably don't catch up with my friends as much as i should. Another goal to do.
It was a good night.
I had to to tennis though. I get privatly coached by Matt. He's a great coach and always pushes me to my limit. Matt also i think understands me very well and how i learn but i guess he had to if he's been couching me for the past two years. I hate playing tennis competively but i love learing it with Matt. I look forward to Monday's for that.
Anyways. Jess and i ended cathing alot as you do and about our lovely boyfriends. I'm so in love with Scott. He sends me the most a amazing messages and always knows when to send them :) He makes me happy.
A late night again argh.
Not looking forward to this week.

Family Full Weekend

Sorry i haven't wrote in a while i've been a very busy girl.

On saturday we had a party for my mum's 20 years in Australia. We also surprised with getting some of her Sydney rellies to come down, I'd never seen her cry so much (of happiness of course). She didn't have a clue but yet there was still more to come. After t mum and dad went around to a friends place to give him t since he couldn't make it cause he was sick wink* wink * but really he was looking after all the people that mum works with (that was the second surprise). While they were over there i had to get 65 people out of our house and over to where mum and dad where (which is the Smith's house good family friend's of ours) to another 30 odd people. Mum had such a great night i even brought her a dress so that she wouldn't sook about having nothing to wear. It made me happy to help organise something like that for mum, we don't always get along to well but when we do its great.
She still can't believe how me and dad done it all for her. It took a few late night calls a pursuading but in the end it all worked out to be a very fun and late night.
Us youngers ones ended up walking back to my place around 1 when all of mum's friends starting dancing i don't think anyone wanted to see that. It was great to spend a bit of time with my two cousins we only lives 30mins away from each other yet we only see each other once a month or so.

All i got to see all my baby cousins for Sydney which was so so good too. They are all so cute. A the litttle girl i swear is like i was when i was a youngen. It's really hard not being able to see my family as much as i want to. People may not know this but i am a really family person. If you hurt my family you have me to deal with.

Scott didn't end up coming to Mums thing which i wasn't to happy about but anyway can't change the past now. I just wish had could have got to meet my family from Sydney.
Also Lucy didn't end up showing up to that made my night a whole lot better.
I got to see a old pal of mine, Justin, i don't get to so him often especailly with his new girlfriend. We sorta have a past sorta hard to explain but anyway i just wish we could catch up more.

The next day all the family went to feed the cows in the morning. The cows weren't use to being feed apples in the morning but they loved it anyway. Speaking i feeding the cows i actually forgot tonight but i did have dancing to that can be my excuse.
For the rest of the day i just spent with family, then once they leave i went straight to bed i was stuffed yet once it was my real bedtime i couldn't fall asleep at all i was up till 1 just thinking about stuff.

Friday, February 6, 2009

People With Split Personalities

My good friend james and his girlfriend was just here. Argh the girlfriend one word BITCH. Her name is Lucy. But seriously though she can be the most niceness person you have ever met and seems like a really great friend. Well thats what she was like tonight. But she's coming over for t tomorrow so who knows what she will act like.
The other night when she was here she was treating me with secrets that she knows about me that could ruin my rep and also ones she has made up. I am always nice to her and try to speak nice to her but if she's rude to me i stand up for myself. I really can't stand people with a split personality but i can't help it i always get sucked in. Cause when she's nice she's really nice. I can't even believe it myself but yes she has brought me to tries on more than one occasion.
Lets hope tomorrow night will be better. I'm guessing it's going to be a long night.
Catch You Later xx

Trusting the unknown

Trust. Five letter word. Isn't strange how just a little word can mean so much.
Like today i told Doug about a well kept secret that only i know and i guess everyone ho reads this blog too. Either i take Doug to be a very close and trustworthly friend or he can get secrets out of me very easily. I believe its both. But mostly our friendship. He knows more about me than most people would think.

When me and Scott first starting dating it took alot for us to trust each other. We'd both been through alot in our lives and trusting someone with your heart is a big step. he was the first to said i love you but i was the first to trust him. I've made some mistakes before but i do not reget them. I believe to you reget what you do, you don't learn from it. we trust each other compeetly now. Yet we both still get a bit nervous with each of our friends. But i think that is understandable. A close friend of Scott's not really mine would be Cat it's not that i don't trust her its just thati don't like the way she acts around me. Yesterday she was smiling in a bad way at me because i had to leave Scott for a bit and she was with him. And today when Scott was in class with Cat she keep grabbing his arm to get his attention. He showed me where Cat grabbed him and he has marks from her. I don't know what that means but i don't like it. I love him to pieces but i don't like his friend. I trust him though. I trust him with my heart and life.

Simple Chores Of Life

I just came back from feeding the cows and bulls some apples and pears. Me, hamish and dad pick a bucket of apples from our fruit trees everyday for the past two weeks then see if we can finally feed the cows by hand. Dad has done it but i have not yet sadly. But there's laways another day.

I love being able to go a feed the cows, it's such a simple pleasure. You just chuck them the apples and watch them eat it, simple. They don't care if you smell from a hard day at the office, don't care what you look like and don't worry if you have no makeup on. All they want is their apples to enjoy their pleasure.

Simply the best. xx

Butterflys That Brought Me To My Passion

Ever since i was little i loved being in front of the camera. I was very much a poser. But as i grew older i loved to take the beautiful shots instead. And still sometimes be in it of course. I said to myself that i had to make the choice to be in front of the camera or behind it. My textlie teacher once said i could be a model if i was tall and had no boobs. Or i could take the shots and learn the tricks and the trades of a great art. I chose to take the pictures instead.

What really got me first interested in photography was when i was on year 8 camp i think and we went to the Melbourne Zoo. I took some great pictures of some butterflys which still look amazing to me today. I entered some of the shots into my local festival and won junior photography of the year. I know it wasn't much seen as i live in such a small town but it felt like such a complete honour.

So i keep going on with my photos and started taking lots of marco and landscape pictures. They were turning out well and everybody could see it so for my birthday i got a SLR nikon D80. I fell in love.
I am also in love with taking sunset pictures. I love the colours the the harsh light at the end of the day.

Since then i haven't been able to stop taking pictures. I now take portraits and family ones too. Which has been a huge step for me. I don't know if this will be my career but i sure hope to continue this in the future. I will post some of my pictures up soon.

Click you soon xx

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My little brag for a minute Part one

Two days before christmas i got a puppy. He is a fox terrior cross shitew (sorry i don't know how to spell it) with a tan patch over his eye and the rest white. I called him chocolate because it was the only name he would come to so i knew that was it.
He loves to run with me even though i only think he runs because Chocolate just wants to show off his cuteness and flappy ears.
At alomost 4months old he can already fetch and bring it back almost every time and comes when you call him. Brag point.
When i come home he's there full of life and ready for his run. He keeps me happy and active.

Brag later.

PS Chocolate looks so beautiful when he is washed and cleaned an he loves his baths.

i love you

"I love you, not for what you are, but for what i am when i am with you." Roy Croft

Scott makes me feel like i am a better person. He compliments me, calls me beautiful and he is always proud of me with what i do. I feel like a princess when i'm around him, i sparkle.

Book Comment

A quick sentence. . .

A book you like has to do with something that you are interrested in or something that you can relate to you.

The Greats About Love!

Scott D'Acry. Perfect man. My Love. Great in bed. Kisses like a devil. Makes love like a tiger. A 6 pack you could scrub your clothes on. Sexy legs. Baby blue eyes. With a dark lot of hair to stay. And nails that are always trimmed :) well he would never want to hurt me. wink wink.

I love him leaning over the bed to give me a kiss good night and some chocolate cookies in case i get hungary so thoughtful. But yet i have never got hungery a night. Yet. That is.
Nothing can bet morning cuddles, i love the feel of his damn sexy morning lips on my lips and body. I don't know why but his lips feel so much better and so so so soft in the morning.
Watching movies in bed on the weekend playing footz.
He teaches me new things that i thought i could never do like jump on a motorbike and make the perfect toasted sandwiches.
I'm the luckiest woman in the world.
I've grown so much since being with him i've become more aware of people feelings and learnt to trust a man with my life and heart.
He helps me take better care of myself. Right now he's looking for stuff to help my skin.
He makes me laugh when i'm sad.
Scott carries me around the house when i'm on my period trying to make me better and makes me a hot chocolate and the same time at two in the morning.
He's never afraid to show the world he loves me. He tells his family and front of the parents always says i love you annalisa in front of the parents.

I'll write more later. xx

Me The Real Life Book Worm

Books. At high school you are called a geek, nerd or four eyes if you are caught reading one.
Well fine call me one then in this past year or so i've started reading alot more books they aren't about anything dull like most people think books are. But i've been reading about love, affair, sex, style and a bit of history in some of my books.
I wish i was a libiary person but I'm not, i never really have been but i do wish i was because lately i've spent so much on books. It's crazy. I want to be able to go into a lib. and choose a great book to read but i just cant, i've got this crazy idea that all lib books are boring but i know for a fact that isn't true but yet i still can't get up the courage to go into a lib. and get a card and borrow a great book to read with nil for a cost. That can be one of my goals for the year. Also i want to read for of a range of books. At the moment i have only been reading love books and some bio's. Which i enjoy greatly but i want to further my knowledge a bitmore.
Also my book shelf is getting full of books too!
When i am having one of those days i just can't wait to get home and be able to listen in on someone elses more interesting and sexy lives written by great author like Jackie Collins. Forget about my worries of me and the world and just sit back for a little bit. My way of relaxation. it's my perfect way.
I love reading books with great sex details its enjoyable to read and also gives me great ideas for me and Scott. My all time favourite sexy book would probably have to be Tan Lines by J. J. Salem. I think the next one is biniki wax and is coming out soon too. I'm looking forward to that heaps.
Cya soon, hopefully at a lib. xx


"The couple that fights the most is the one in love... it shows they care enough to motice the other one screwed up and care enough to mention it to the person so they can fix it. When you stop you stopped caring." Shawna Waltemger

I believe that it true but only if you are fighting for a reason not just to cause trouble and upset the other person.
Scott is the most sweetest person I've ever met but sometimes he just says things that don't need to be said like today he told me "Annalisa, that bracelet makes you look fat" Yer i know he doesn't mean it but it still annoys me so much. Sometimes i don't think i fight back harder enough to make him listen and tell him whats wrong.
Annalisa speak up girl!

I'm not scared of fighting back though I'm scared of hurting him then having know one to fight with.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Size Me Up

There super size me and there's size me up. Can you?

Try to describe me with only me giving you sizes and levels and ages of things.

Pant Size 8/9

Top Size 8

Bra Size 12DD

Shoe Size 6.5

Height 160cm

Weight 49

Ring Size 7 I think

Hat Size One Fits Most

Bracelet Size 18cm

Hair Bit Longer Than Shoulder Length

Nails In Between
Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Fall In Love

1. Falling in love makes you smile all the darn time.

Have you seen a man and a woman walking away from a lunch bar and they can't stop smilig well they're in love. I love seeing an old couple walking in the park holding hands smiling at the past memories that they have made well i have. This smiling things happens to me all too much. I see my man walking up the corridor and i can't help it i just get this so happy but cheesy grin and see does he. its great when we both notice what we're doing we crack up laughing.

2. Falling in love makes you better looking.

Not only do you get the love glow but you also feel better better your self because of all the beautiful comments you get from your partner. You also try to look better when you try to and feel like you look better you do.

3. Falling in love makes you love yourself more, too.

You learn to love yourself more when your love loves you. when you find out about are the little and big things that he loves about you well you start to love them that bit more to because your happy those things got him to love you.

4. Falling in love makes you richer.

Countless studies have proved that people in long-term, committed romantic relationships go on to earn more than people who stay single. I'm not sure how true this is but i guess falling in love has made me want to earn more money so i guess it is true.

5. Falling in love makes you see stuff you didn’t notice before.

You notice the stuff when you’re in love was always there, you just never thought it was important enough to pay attention to before. When you’re truly in love you are able to take things slower, be more observant, notice more details, and have a greater understanding of things.

6. Falling in love makes you a nicer person.

When there is a person you is making your days happier it just makes sense that your body reacts in the same way and be kinder towards others. Also hoping they'll find the one too.

7. Falling in love makes you take better care of yourself.

Scott has made me become a healthy person and make me want to really look after myself. I've also being doing better stuff for my skin also with his help. I thank him for buying me the stuff and I've been eating healthier too. It just seems right to be happy and healthy all at once. Well i know it does for me.

8. Falling in love gives you something to dedicate yourself to.

I've dedicated my work to him and he has also been the inspiration for alot of my art pieces. It's also a great feeling we you achieve something a you see that proud look on their face and then they say it , it's really rewarding.

9. Falling in love makes you grow up . . . in a good way.

In a relationship you still have fun when you grow up but you become more careful with what you do you wouldn't want to ever take a chance with your relationship i believe you also become more mature and aware of your partners feeling.

10. Falling in love makes you live longer.

It’s common knowledge that people who are in long-term, loving relationships live longer than people who aren’t. As you have more to live and and that special someone to spend those years birthdays and specials occiasions with. What could be better than spending your life with the one you love.

I also would like to thank another random blog for giving me some of the ideas xx

Annalisa The Name

A little thing i stole from a random blog. Thanks!

Use the first letter of your name to find a word for each of the following:

Your name: Annalisa
Four letter word: Arse
Boy name: Aaron
Girl name: Alyssa
Occupation: Artist
Color: Aqua
Beverage: Aqua water
Something found in a bathroom: ??? Please someone find a word for me
A Place: Athens
Reason for being late: Angry traffic
Food: A for Apple
Something you shout: Action!

Mothers.? and Brothers and Dad

Jane. My mum is a cultured one of that. I never stayed over night a Scott's place until a year after we had been together but yet its not that sort of thing that really annoys me its that i can't be fat ever. My mum calls my fat all the time when she's fat herself a size 12 when i'm a size 8 and thin and healthy. It just seems so strange to me i feel beautiful i always get called beautiful i feel beautiful but she can't see it. But don't get me wrong i love my mum and all but sometimes i'd just wish she'd understand a bit more about my feelings.
Hamish. My little brother is the favourite among mum he gets the cuddles and kisses and the i love yous when i get the your gut is sticking out, go do some exercise and your bum is huge. i love my little bro to bits i couldn't live without him but i wish i could just have a bit more love from my mum.
Dad. Mark. Well i can't really get a better dad he's amazing and loves me so much. He is a business man with skills. Sometimes i think i'm dads favourite.
Talk soon. T time!

Me Annalisa

Have you ever watced the movie anger management where the character gets asked "Who are you?" I've tried to answer it myself and its a hard one all i can come up with is the answers to: Where do i live? What do i do? Whats my personality like? Whats my social statis?
My Answers to the many questions of me Annalisa Kidd:
  • I'm a student undertaking many subjects including (my favourite) studio art
  • I'm in a long term relationship with the perfect man
  • I'm in love with my boyfriend Scott and my new puppy Chocolate
  • I live in Australia
  • I love the colour of my skin
  • I believe that photography is an art form thats captures memories
  • I know that my dance teacher hates me
  • I'm only 5'3
  • I think my body and me turn heads in a good way

Last year i use to think i was more unplanned then planned but now i think I'm more planned, how is it so the a man can change the way that to think in such a short amount of time. I think the answer is love. He loves me and i love him. You know its tough though sometimes being in love everything changes even the way you shave. But you know what i wouldn't change it for the world he's made my life the happiest funest life i could ever have.