Monday, July 13, 2009

First Three Days in Fiji

Well I'm finally home. It was an amazing trip. Well I guess I bet to get into it....

By the way I'm not changing the tense, I'm leaving it the way I wrote it.

Thursday 25th June
We'll be in Nadi, Fiji soon. I've got the window seat so I can take pictures of the clouds. That's my favourite bit about the fl:ight is the fact that I'm above the clouds the sky is really the limit. Mummy dear just order my a hot chocolate :)
We're about a hour or so into our flight. The hot chocolate is to die for, it's so yummy! and sweet. LAst time I came to Fiji, I watched the flight attendants and I wanted to be them. How things change, even though maybe I still do want to be them with their pretty faces, good bodies and the best work uniforms. And of course getting to travel around the wrold for a living. I'm now going ot read my book "Sundowners by Lesley Lokko."

Well I'm back to my second home. Yet it feels weird Hamish is fitting in so well but I don't feel as comfortable. I ended up watching a movie on the plane "Fired Up" It was ok but the story line was too obvisious; boy meets girl and likes her, hurt her feelings, she pushes him away and then they end up together.
I showed pictures of my Scott to my cousins, I didn't know how they would react but they said he was cute! Dad's been bragging about Scott too :)
OMG I recieved a text from Scott I was so happy it worked but sadly I can't reply on anyones phone I don't know whats wrong with it. I want to text him so badly and say I can hear you  and I love you.

I can't believe how gorwn up my cousins are and I can see that I've grown up too. I can't think straight I'm going to sleep now before I get over tired.

Friday 26th June

My sleep was awful I couldn't stop sneezing and I coudn't breathe right. :(
I've only had a shower and breaky and I'm already stuffed. I don't feel well. All my aunties are over to tea and a chat. Today the weather is bearable but still very hot. The shower was good, refeshing but I forgot how hard it is to use. You have a big bucket of hot water then you use a small bowl to pour it over yourself. I still don't think I got all the shampoo out :(
I feel sick! I don't know how to get better, think I'll go into town and get some bottled water.

Me, Dad and Hamish went to Nadi. When we went into a pohne shop a boy followed us. I didn't think anything of it until he started to beg for money to feed his family he said, he only looked 11years old. He didn't stop begin until he got his way. I hated hearing his pain and sadness in his whine. But the is reality! Reality is what it shouldn't be though hey? Why does a man in a $200,000 car drive past a woman with her ifant sit on the path begging for hope?
It doesn't seem right to me and the world ignores it, that man will go on with his day and life. And that baby will be dead before it's 5th birthday.
So that's reality? That's awful.

When we drove from home to Nadi we saw a native walking and we picked him up. And took him to the shop that would have taken him a hour to walk to. It was truly rewarding. He said " Thank you, thank you, god bless you." Beautiful.

Aim: To eat with hands for this trip.

Just had t it was so good. Argh need to loss weight shouldn't have eaten so much.
My breathing was so bad today, I know my breathing is loud and I hate it but I can't help it. Hopefully it'll be better tomorrow.
Argh so over family pinching my cheeks and arms but that's like a normal thing they do, but argh painful. And yes I've told my cousins so stop but they don't.
Omg when we were driving in town we saw my oldest cousin Shelvin. It was so good to see him, we got a park and I ran to hug him but of course I ran too fast and ended up stepping on his toes. Sorry. He's so tall and older.

Dad just taught my cousin to play 52 pickup, how mean.

Saturday 27th June

Today I woke up at 8:30, it was good because it wasn't that hot then. I just gt straight in the shower.
Then me, Hamish, mum, dad, Sibo (youngest cousin) and her mum Sabina went in the same car, and nobody wears seatbelts in the back.
I got Scott some guy's purfume. but I'll give it to him for xmas os something.
I saw Shelvin and Douglas down the street.
When we got back to the house I took some photos of some natives and flowers. I also took some of some kids and then showed them the picturesthey loved it, oh  thank you for digital. 
We went ot Nishwant's for t it was fun. I mainly took photos of the kids as they played. Nishwant even caught a gecko for me so I could take a picture and my nana (grandpa) caught a cane toad, he picked it up by the foot. We played this board game, can't remember the name though. I'll find out.
Onteeka (Cousin) wanted to play with me all night it killed me too much running around. But it was good to spend time with family.
Also had a nap today, I feel so lazy yet tired here.

I'll right more later or tomorrow I'm sick.

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  1. Barry13.7.09

    Hey Anna,

    So good to hear about your trip! It's too bad you weren't feeling great but hopefully you're better now. I'm smiling reading your stories, such a big grin you wouldn't believe it.

    I hope you've had a chance to spend some time with Scott, I'm looking forward to hearing about your reunion with him. I'm really happy for you that you're back together.

    Until you write more my dear, I'm glad you're back safe.