Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Days 4 to 6

Sunday 28th June

Today I slept in then jumped in the shower. Sandy, Nana's dog is about to give birth to puppies any day now. I hope I get to watch I've never seen a dog give birth before.

Almost straight away I jumped into the Fiji waters. Argh the joy! But I think something was biting me. We stayed in the sea for a while then went crab hunting. I think my cousins were shocked that I was game enough to try to grab them. We even saw a poisonous crab, pretty colours. Then we went for a stroll on the beach, nani (my grandma) came too. She told me to put my thongs on so my feet wouldn't get cut on the shells and glass. It was so good for her to care for me like my nanna at home does for me these are the little things that I miss most. I would like to have my wedding in Fiji because my family here can see me start a new chapter in my life since they didn't get to see enough of my child life.
Today after the beach I sat with Nana, guess what I get my small feet off him and finally I am taller than him. Argh I miss him alot I think I'm more a like him than anyone else, cliche I know.
We had Fiji sweets at the beach too, they were so sweet and yummy. I need to have a shower soon, I smell like the ocean. We're having fish for t. Sibo had wet hands and I drew a love heart on her hand and she put her hand on my cheek, it left a print. Share the love I say :)
Hey today I had my first cut today. In the water Hamish tackled me in shallow water and I hit a rock, my knee got cut up. But I'll survive.
I got he best photo taken today eith a Asian tourist and some natives, everyone looks so happy :) It's great. They asked me to take a photo for them then they wanted me in the picture so I got one taken with my camera too. In Fiji they sorta have gosepal churches like they have in America but it's in a differen't language. you still get the feel for it though and the rytheme. I would love to go to one but I'm scared they wouldn't accept me.
We had fish for t then I went to bed after the shower. I read te Sundowner's book and finished it. It was a great ending but I didn't want it to end.

Monday 29th June

Today I had egg and roti for breakyand tried to have lots of water. I wasn't feeling well today. The heat got to me early and I felt dizzy.
Me, mum, dad and Hamish went into town, dad had to change some clothes because they weren't good quality. In exchange I got a Pandora bead of a turtle. After we went to Denarau Island and went for lunch and a swim at one of their resorts. It was nice but it started to rain in the end.
I sat in the pool bar and read a new book 'Chanel by Edmonde Charles-Roux' It's good so far. We also meet a couple from New Zealand. Tomorrow we're going back to that resort because mum and dad have to listen to this talk to get a free day cruise and while they are doing that I booked me and Hamish to get a relaxation massage. Can't wait so excited for it.
We went to my uncle's for t it was good but I wasn't feeling that good so I walked home and tried to have a good sleep but it didn't work. Bad sleep.

Tuesday 30th June

Today me, Brandon, Sibo and Sabina went to Worldmark at Wyndham while mum and dad went to a presentation that tried to sell them timeshares. Of course they didn't by it but they got two free adult mystery cruise for tomorrow and they got two more tickets for me and Hamish.
Me and Brandon got a massage for half an hour I didn't want it to stop, I could fully relax. Then I went to the bar and talked with the chick who worked there she told me to go on facebook to add her and I said I'd make an account tonight. For the rest of the day we chilled out at the resort, then dropped Sibo and Sabina off at my uncles restuarant. Then we went to the hotel we were ment to stay at a better one but we couldn't get in. :( Lets just say I didn'tlike the place.
Me and mum got a full body massage, but I didn't like it because she put oil in my hair and massaged my head and hair. I don't like people touching my hair except with Scott does. :) Sleep Time

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  1. Massages are great, I can't get enough of them. I should go more often but I never seem to.